George Washington Middle School, Mount Vernon Avenue

George Washington Middle School, Mount Vernon Avenue. Nikon D200, 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/125 sec.

Architecture has always been a passion of mine. I am fascinated by the way lines intersect and branch off to form other shapes and patterns. The feeling that these two parts of the building converge somewhere that we can’t see is very interesting to me. Walk a little bit further to the left and it’s a completely different feeling.

I also love the way the trees filter the late afternoon sunlight, casting undulating patterns on the buildings. Once again we see the marriage of architecture and nature, if not necessarily intentional.

Chimney & Shadows, South Royal Street

Chimney & Shadows, South Royal Street
Chimney & Shadows, South Royal Street. Nikon D200, 135mm f/2.8 AIS, ISO 200, f/8, 1/320 sec.

The interplay of shadow and color is fun to look for, regardless of where you may live. You can find great moments like these anywhere. To me, this image evokes a feeling of warmth that is especially welcome on a cold, rainy day like today.

Violinist, King Street

Violinist, King Street. Nikon D200, 105mm f/2.5 AI, ISO 100, f/8, 1/200 sec.
Violinist, King Street. Nikon D200, 105mm f/2.5 AI, ISO 100, f/8, 1/200 sec.

Sometimes the light is so good you can’t believe your luck. Other times, the light stinks and you need to create your own luck. For the latter, I usually carry around a small flash.

But in the photograph above, the sun provided all the luck I would need. This musician was standing right on the edge of some great late afternoon golden light. The sun was at the perfect angle to create interesting shadows and reveal texture in the wall.

It was almost as if the violinist positioned himself perfectly for a photograph, but I’m sure he was just trying to fend off the fall chill.