Copper Still, George Washington’s Distillery

Copper Still, George Washington's Distillery
Copper Still, George Washington’s Distillery. Nikon D810, Nikon 50mm f/2 K, ISO 500, f/4, 1/80 sec.

A visit to George Washington’s grist mill & distillery is well worth the short trip down from Washington, D.C. It’s also a photographer’s paradise. Soft light filters in from open windows to illuminate the artifacts and reproductions throughout both buildings. I could have spent all afternoon there, finding different compositions. There are so many interesting details and vignettes. Tour guides dressed in period costumes are very knowledgeable and friendly. It’s great for the kids too!

Sue Henry, Tulusa

There’s this hip little townhouse in Del Ray that you can’t miss. In fact, I would say that it’s one of the most unique pieces of architecture in this neighborhood. Turns out that the house is as eclectic and original as its owner, artist Sue Henry. She’s the owner of Tulusa, her “personal line of original block printed and embellished textiles.”

Sue Henry, owner of Tulusa
Sue Henry, Owner of Tulusa. Nikon D810, Tokina 17-35mm f/4 @27mm, ISO 64, f/7.1, 1/80 sec.

Sue works out of her basement studio, which is flooded with light from a glass-filled garage door. That light was the inspiration for the lighting in these photos, and it was a marvelous place to create portraits of her.

As I was admiring her work, I asked where she got her inspiration. “Nature,” came the immediate response. She went on to explain that her color palette is sort of at the intersection of jewel tones and earth tones, which I totally get. It’s warm and inviting, yet also sophisticated.

Sue Henry, Owner of Tulusa
Sue Henry, Owner of Tulusa. Nikon D810, Nikon 105mm f/2.5, ISO 64, f/2.8, 1/60 sec.

Her work can be purchased online at or locally at Red Barn Mercantile in Old Town Alexandria. Also keep an eye out for Sue’s pop-up shops around town.

Ethan DeNolf, Virgina Barbers Club, N Lee Street


Ethan DeNolf, Virginia Barbers Club
Ethan DeNolf, Virginia Barbers Club. Nikon D810, Nikon 50mm f/2 K, ISO 400, f/2.8, 1/50 sec.

I’d like you to meet Ethan DeNolf, founder & owner of Virginia Barbers Club, which recently opened doors for business in Old Town Alexandria, on North Lee Street between Cameron & Queen. At first glance it’s a specialty men’s barbershop. But it’s so much more. Although clients can schedule day-of appointments, it pays to become a club member. Members get special perks, such as monthly networking events, priority access to the booking system, and special access to the almighty fridge.

Ethan DeNolf, Virginia Barbers Club
Ethan DeNolf, Virginia Barbers Club. Nikon D810, Nikon 105mm f/2.5 AI, ISO 125, f/5.6, 1/160 sec.

It’s clear that Ethan has a passion for community, both in the barbering world as well as the local community. Back in 2015, he started VBC as an association to raise awareness amongst barbers about state rules and regulations, especially pertaining to licensing. Now that the shop has opened its doors, Ethan is planning various community outreach events, so keep an eye out for those. You can check it all out at

Ethan DeNolf, Virginia Barbers Club
Ethan DeNolf, Virginia Barbers Club. Nikon D810, Nikon 50mm f/2 K, ISO 400, f/4, 1/100 sec.

Lavender Wreath, Prince Street

Lavender Wreath, Prince Street
Lavender Wreath, Prince Street. Nikon D200, Nikon 50mm f/2 K, ISO 200, f/8, 1/200 sec.

Just another of the many beautiful doors of Old Town Alexandria. Hard afternoon sunlight doing what it does best: showcasing color, texture, and form.

Red Door in Snow, N Saint Asaph Street

Red Door in Snow, N Saint Asaph Street. Nikon D810, Nikkor-H 28mm f/3.5, ISO 2000, f/4, 1/500 sec.

Here in Alexandria, we’ve had a number of pretty snowfalls so far this winter. Driving back from Old Town one morning, I was struck by the beauty of this red door in the falling snow. It was one of those things I noticed in passing and began to think, wow, that might make a nice photo. Luckily I had my camera in the back so I drove around the block, pulled over, and took the shot.

I used a high ISO to obtain a faster shutter speed, thus better freezing the motion of the falling snowflakes. By the way, this was shot with a vintage Nikon lens that I acquired on eBay for $40. This is by far one of my favorite things about shooting Nikon digital cameras: the ability to use vintage lenses dating back to the late 1970s and even prior, if you know how to alter them.

Christ Church Detail, N Columbus Street

Christ Church, N Columbus Street
Christ Church Detail, N Columbus Street. Nikon D200, Nikon 60mm f/2.8 AF Micro, ISO 100, f/8, 1/250 sec.

Completed in 1773, Christ Church is a fantastic example of Georgian architecture in Old Town Alexandria. I loved the way the afternoon sunlight was streaming through these exterior windows, imprinting its own pattern onto the doorway.